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Welcome to Barnyard Sounds web site. Barnyard Sounds is a recording company that John Spreier started on January 1, 2002 to showcase his music, the bands that he has performed in, and select featured artists. All of the Barnyard Sounds albums can be downloaded for free in zipped packages with the songs encoded in MP3 format complete with album art and liner notes.

Click on the links above and to the right to see the bands, read the history, check out the gigs, download the music, learn the news, learn the rights, view the videos, and surf the links to the world wide web.

John Spreier is a musician, songwriter, and vocalist. His main instruments are bass and guitar but he's been known to pick up a mandolin, trumpet, or drum and bang some keys on a piano or synthesizer to record the parts that are needed for a song that he's written. He began his musical career in the spring of 1976. To date he has released nine solo albums and twenty-two albums with his bands.

John has been a member of the following bands, duets & trios: Minas Tirith, Rael, The Tim Turner Band, Allagash, The Units, Wilson Blue and the Blue Roots Reggae Band, Mirage, Beta Brunette, Red Road, Newbird, Zen Chefs, Seek First, Fable, Essential Harmony, Casinelli & Company, Barnstormers, The BLC Band, and Swamp Ash. He has also been a guest performer with Full Circle, Maasai, Man on the Street, and Dub Squad.

John has performed and/or recorded with David Lieber, Ken & Marty Mele, Tony Miceli, Wico Van Genderen, Lydia Jackson, Tim Waller, Brad Egner, Bob Hollinger, Kenny & Michael Birnbaum, Charlie Capella, Pete Kogler, Val Cocci, Tim Turner, Jimmy Mulligan, John Guadagni, Jon & Justin Jelleyman, Jimmy & Jane Devine, Wilson Blue, Dave Turano, Brian Dougan, David Chandler, Arna Zucker, Phil Mullen, Lloyd Nibbs, Nick & Steve Smith, Steve Copel, Kenny Johnson, Fred Wilkes, Billy Smith, Georgia Kaly, Willie Wilmont, Tom Parotti, Willie Coolie, Abdul Mateen, Tony Blackett, Frank O'Rourke, Chris Turner, Len Boudreau, John Crafton Jr, John Crafton III, Anthony Gavoli, Joshua Willis, Donna & Jeff Olson, Vincent Pasternak, John Dunn, Rick Bellaire, Marilynn Manfra, JP Jones, Kurt Meyer, Caila Spreier, Michele Jeffrey, Joe Casinelli, Steven Hodge, Chuck Smith, Kristen Chapentier, Denice Petrucci, Seth Ramsdill, James & Sam Marriot, Danielle Schaeffer, Judie Knudtson, Jacob Clawson, Ken & Lori Imel, Katie & Matt Imel, Steve Chapman, Alex Heilig, Betsy & David Elwert, Kathleen Olive, Bryan Wilkes, Aimee Pakan, Carlos Reichard, Matt Lytkowsk, Shane Platten, Mikey Clams, David Lyons, Rob Mays, and Ken Lovan. He's also performed with The Bethlehem Lutheran Church Choir and The Grace Lutheran Church Choir.

John was an audio engineer with John Guadagni for Maasai's live performances in the eighties. He was the audio engineer for The Jon Jelleyman Memorial Benefit Concert at One Pelham East in Newport, Rhode Island. He was the audio engineer and producer for Arna Zucker's "i love to sing-a" EP. He was the audio engineer for John Belcher's "Half of My Time" which appears on John Belcher's album "The Sound According to John". He was an audio engineer for St Andrews Lutheran Church and Bethlehem Lutheran Church. He was the audio engineer for all of his bands albums with the exception of the Allagash albums which were engineered by Jon Jelleyman. He was the audio engineer and producer for all of his solo albums.

Any and all lyrics, music, pictures, songs, videos, and works of art created by John Spreier are for your personal use only and remain the exclusive property of John Spreier. They may not be altered, performed, reproduced, or resold in any form without the express written consent of John Spreier. You are free to share them as long as the credit goes where it belongs and you do not profit from their use.

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